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Fit The Gamer MicroReview – BioShock Collection: Rapture Revisited Pt.1

by Jake Frisch (@jakefrisch12)


a note from the author:
Hello reader, what you are about to read is the first edition in my new “MicroReview” series. I wanted to have an outlet to review certain games in a bite sized format and as much as I enjoy crafting a long and detailed review or opinion piece, I have far too many thoughts and too little of time on my hands. The purpose of these MicroReviews will be to get the basic information you need to know about a game in a short read so you can decide if you want to experience it for yourself. I hope you enjoy.
BioShock is without a doubt one of the most revered games of all time due to it’s story, unique environments, immersive setting and its ability to show that video games can be considered a serious art form. Originally released in 2007 by Irrational Games, this genre changing first person shooter has returned in the form “BioShock: The Collection”, an incredible assembly of all three games in the BioShock series.

This month, the official Playstation blog ran a poll asking fans to vote for the next PlayStation game to receive a promotional discount. The BioShock collection was voted over XCOM 2 and will be 50% off this weekend (March 17th-19th) on the Playstation Store. If you haven’t had the opportunity to play these games, now is the perfect time. $30 for three critically acclaimed Triple-A titles is one of the best bargains you can find in console video games today.


Bioshock takes place in the year 1960 in the underwater city of Rapture. Rapture’s founder, Andrew Ryan is a self made millionaire who dreamed of a free-market utopia. While the Rapture dream was accomplished, the discovery of a substance called “ADAM” led to the city’s downfall. When injected into a human, “ADAM” changes their genetic structure and grants the user superhuman powers such as the ability to shoot lightning from the hand or telekinetically move objects. However the users of these “Plasmids” were driven insane by the genetic splicing and coupled with a class war within Rapture, the city fell into ruin.
Throughout BioShock, you play as a character named “Jack” who is the lone survivor of a passenger plane that crash lands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean at the start of the game. Finding his way into Rapture, Jack must now survive the Splicer infested city and find a way out of the fallen eden.

BioShock is a first person shooter at it’s core but contains basic elements of other game genres like action-adventure, survival horror and RPG’s. While the weapon and plasmid upgrades are simple, they are still varied enough to cater to all sorts of playstyles. Gameplay is smooth in the re-release and the graphics still hold up to today’s standards. Exploration is a key part of the game as you will be on the lookout for items and audio diaries that shed more light on the fall of Rapture.


BioShock is primarily story driven and is fairly linear with it’s story progression. However the large, immersive environments and the ability to backtrack to previous locations gives the game a broader sense of scope than a typical first-person shooter. This is not a game filled with player choice but it explores the consequences of our decisions better than any other game in the genre.
BioShock is a must play for any video game fan and as much as I could go on and on about the series, you owe it to yourself to play the original. Just sit down, get immersed in the world of Rapture and enjoy the incredibly deep story.

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